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†† - This refers to the amount of energy that can be put into a car in an hour, and the distance that the car can be driven with that energy. This is typically calculated at a consumption rate of 20kWh per 100km. This can differ with different cars, and also different drivers.

GridCars and Jaguar Land Rover. Leading the Charge

Our long-standing commitment to electrification has resulted in a succession of ground-breaking developments that are now defining the future of electric vehicles. Now, Jaguar Land Rover have partnered with GridCars, a leading EV charging supplier in South Africa, to deliver South Africa’s best charging experience

On this page, you will be able to:
• Register with GridCars • Order your home or public charger
• Learn more about vehicle types and charger options • Request a site inspection for charger installation
• Order a Card • View status and activity

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