Jaguar Electrifies is a mobility service from GridCars which makes it very easy to quickly locate and use public charging stations of different providers. The Jaguar Electrifies card is used for cashless charging and payment and can be used at all Jaguar Electrifies partners. All available charging stations are displayed on the map.

Once a month you receive a detailed statement of the individual charges billed and the corresponding costs where applicable. The account is a prepaid service where you can buy Token for Charging.

Jaguar Electrifies is operated by GridCars eMobility Services in South Africa, it enables customers in South Africa to access the largest network of public charging stations.

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About ChargePocket

The ChargePocket, is a universal and secure Wallet specifically designed for the payment of EV Charging Sessions. The ChargePocket offers special features like Charging Vouchers that can be tied to particular sites, groups of site or time periods, partners can buy vouchers and distribute them to EV drivers for loading on their ChargePocket. EV Drivers can also use their ChargePocket to start, end or monitor charging sessions.

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ChargePocket FAQs

  • ChargePocket allows you to use your money across multiple eMobility Providers to charge at various public charging stations. By creating an account, you do not need to load money for each eMobility Provider as the money will be taken from your ChargePocket and will be used to pay the eMobility Provider whose charge point you used.

  • ChargePocket creates a central location for you to load money into your account. This account can then be used by multiple eMobility Providers, instead of you having to pay each eMobility provider for use on their network.

  • Currently the ChargePocket is used by the ActiveCharge and Jaguar Electrifies eMobility Providers.

  • Once you have registered you will be directed to your ChargePocket Dashboard. From there you have the below options

    • If you are on a laptop/desktop
      • the TOP UP TOKENS button at the top left of the screen

    • If you are on your mobile phone
      • the $ icon on the bottom right of tab bar

  • My Sessions is where you will be able to usse all transactions on your ChargePocket. This includes payments into your ChargePocket and all charge sessions where money was taken out of your ChargePocket and paid to the respective eMobility Provider

  • My Pockets allows you to view/redeem vouchers from various entities. Once the voucher has been redeemed it will be allocated to your account. Depending on the restrictions of the voucher, next time you charge and the voucher is applicable, your charge session cost will be taken from the voucher instead of your funds

  • There are two different tabs under this menu option

    • History
      • This will show you a history of the last 10 notifications you have received

    • Settings
      • Here you will be able to select what notifications you would like to receive

  • My Orders will allow you to see any orders that you have placed for various products. The products are determined by your eMobility Provider but the most common ones are

    • eMobility Membership Packages
      • Most eMobility Providers charge a yearly membership fee to use their charge points. These products normally include the first years membership and an RFID card
    • Additional RFID Cards
      • This is an additional card, that you will swipe at the charge point to start/stop a charge session, which can be purchased if there is another person who drives the EV or if you have misplaced yours.

    • Cables
      • These are the cables that connect your EV to a charge point. These will typically be used at home chargers

  • This will show a map of all the charge points you have access to under your various eMobility Providers. It will also show the status of the charge point and more information if the charge point icon is clicked.

    Please note you are also able to add comments and photos and after they have been approved by a moderator they will be visible to all other users

  • You will be able to change any personal information as well as add new addresses and link any new cards

  • This will detail any information that your eMobility Provider would like you to know

  • To help protect the privacy of the data you transmit through the website or Service, GridCars uses industry-standard; secure server software that encrypts the information you input before it is sent to us. In addition, GridCars uses standard industry practice to protect User Information against unauthorized access. However, you should keep in mind that the website and Service are run on software, hardware and networks, any component of which may from time to time require maintenance or experience problems or breaches of security beyond our control and for which we are not responsible.

  • If you go to the My Notifications menu option and then go to the Settings tab option you will be able to select/deslect the notifications you would like to receive. ChargePocket does not auto set any notifications and will only send OTPs automatically via SMS

    Please note that if you select the same option for multiple mediums you will receive a notification on all mediums you select
    So if you choose to receive notifications for 'When a session starts' for SMS, Email and WhatsApp. You are going to receive the same notification via SMS, Email and WhatsApp

Jaguar Land Rover FAQs

  • Jaguar Electrifies is an advanced and easy-to-use electric vehicle (EV) charging network. Jaguar Electrifies connects EV drivers with a network of charging stations, located across South Africa. Using the Jaguar Electrifies card, EV owners can easily access member stations, and payment is simple, with an up to date online account statement, accessed via your Dashboard, for all associated charges.

  • You can obtain a Jaguar Electrifies or Land Rover Electrifies RFID card from your nearest dealership. When you need to register an account for the first time, the dealership will contact GridCars to activate the card on your new ChargePocket account. If you have a ChargePocket account and require an additional card or have lost your original card, please contact GridCars to add the order to your account and arrange the collection of an RFID card at your nearest dealership.

  • If you did not receive Jaguar Electrifies cards with your vehicle, you can request to have the Jaguar Electrifies RFID card mailed to you at no cost as part of the Jaguar Electrifies account sign up process. These will arrive within 7-10 business days. When you receive your Jaguar Electrifies cards in the mail, simply log in to your account to activate them. Go to My Account and select Manage Jaguar Electrifies Cards.

  • With your Jaguar Electrifies account, you can: Set up mobile and email notifications from Jaguar Electrifies for vehicle charging updates. Save your favorite station locations. Link a credit card to pay for fee-based charging sessions. Track all your charging by viewing your up to date account activity online, via your Dashboard. Review your energy use, gas savings, and greenhouse gas emissions avoided.

  • Jaguar Electrifies uses EPA estimates to derive a formula relating GhG savings to the amount of energy delivered to the vehicle from the charging station. The following estimates are used in the calculations, with references: Driving an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicle emits 8.8 kg CO2/gal (19.4 lbs CO2/gal). [1] The US Passenger Car average efficiency for ICE vehicles is 23.9 mi/gal (mpg). [2] An Electric Vehicle (EV) has an average efficiency of 3.0 mi/kWh. [Note: This is a ChargePoint estimate based on data for several types of Electric Vehicles.] Electricity generation, for the mix consumed in the CAMX (WECC California) region, emits 0.49 kg CO2/kWh (1.08 lbs CO2/kWh). [3] CO2 is 95% of GHG emissions. [4] Combining these numbers yields 1.42 kg/kWh (3.13 lbs/kWh) of GhG Savings for the CAMX (WECC California) region.

  • We use Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates in a formula that derives the gasoline savings from how much you've charged your EV, which is a measure of how many miles you've driven on electricity instead of gasoline. Here are the estimates we use in our calculation: The US Passenger Car average efficiency for ICE vehicles is 23.9 mi/gal (mpg). [2] An Electric Vehicle (EV) has an average efficiency of 3.0 mi/kWh. [Note: This is a ChargePoint estimate based on data for several types of Electric Vehicles.] Combining these numbers, we get 3.0 / 23.9 = 0.1255 gallons/kWh of Gasoline Savings.

  • Jaguar Electrifies notifications help you stay aware of your electric vehicle charging status at all times. You can set up mobile and email notifications for: When your car is fully charged. When your car is no longer charging due to an interruption. When the power to your car is reduced. For charging station reservation status and reminders. To set up or change notifications, or how your notifications are received, simply log in, then edit the Your Jaguar Electrifies Notifications section under My Account.

  • Download the Jaguar Electrifies app and register using your Jaguar Electrifies login information to: Start your charging session when you first approach a station. Charge at thousands of public charging spots. Quickly access your Jaguar Electrifies account settings. Get status notifications during your charging sessions. Favorite stations where you live, work, and play.

  • You can also locate member stations using the Jaguar Electrifies online map, which displays which stations are in use, available or allow reservations. Android | iOS Apps are under development, in the mean time you can find charge stations on Mobile Web Page.

  • Stations on the ChargePoint network can be easily accessed with any of the following options: Tap your Jaguar Electrifies (or ChargePoint) card over the reader symbol. Use your ChargePoint app. Call the customer service number on every ChargePoint station.

  • When you sign up for a Jaguar Electrifies account, you must add a credit card so that you're ready to charge at a station that requires a fee. Your credit card will not be charged until the first time you access a paid station. Upon first use of a paid station, the credit card synced with your account will be charged a R200 deposit which will be applied as a balance on your Jaguar Electrifies account. Each time you pay to use a station, the station fees will be deducted from your Jaguar Electrifies account balance. When your account runs low, we will automatically charge your credit card R250 or the amount equivalent to three month's average use so your Jaguar Electrifies account always maintains a balance. To update your credit card information, log in, then go to the Financial Information section under My Account.

  • Charging stations on the Jaguar Electrifies network are owned and managed by the property owner. Pricing varies as each owner sets the price for use of their stations. You can see the price to use a specific station on the ChargePoint app by viewing the indicated rates on the station details page, or click a charge spot on the Jaguar Electrifies map and view pricing in the station details pop up. The price also scrolls across the charging station's display.

  • Absolutely! Many of Jaguar Electrifies's charging station locations are the result of driver feedback. If you can't plug in and charge at a place you park often, click here and let us know.

  • Many stations have more than one connector. If a connector is available, the station is shown as green. If the station is fully occupied, it is shown as blue. If the station status is temporarily unavailable, it is shown as gray. If the station is not on our network and we don't have access to its status, it is shown as orange.

  • A port represents the number of charging connectors located on each charging station. The number of ports determines the number of vehicles that can charge simultaneously at a charging station. Check the station details page to view the port’s available power. You can also check to see which ports are configured for power sharing, when two electric vehicles are plugged in at one station, the station will share the available power between the ports. This will result in longer charging time.

  • Level 1 A Level 1 port is a grounded receptacle (standard household outlet) that you plug into, using your own cable, usually supplied with your vehicle. Level 2 The most common type of port on non-residential stations is referred to as Level 2 ports and follows SAE J1772. DC Fast refers to Direct Current 'fast charging'. To achieve shorter charging times, DC Fast ports supply high voltages at high currents. BMW i3 vehicles equipped with Option 4U7, DC Fast Charging (SAE), can be charged to 80% in just 20-30 minutes at DC Combo stations. When you click on a charging station on your dashboard map, information about each port is listed in thepop-up window. The information lists, in this order: Level, connector, power, and whether the port is currently in use or available. So a Level 2 port may be listed as: Level 2, J1772, 6.6kW: Available.

  • You can cancel your Jaguar Electrifies account at any time. Just call Customer Support +27 12 349 2462 (8am -5pm) or email to request Jaguar Electrifies account cancellation. Please include with your account number, name, phone number, and the email address on your account. Any remaining account balance will be refunded to the credit card listed in your account.

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